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Voltage Control Lab is the first school dedicated to Modular Synthesis, with personalized curriculum & instruction in hardware and software.

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"Coming from a jazz piano background, I have found the world of wires and oscillators to be challenging and at times overwhelming. During our lessons I will bring in problems where I can barely articulate the question and Joe takes my thoughts, organizes them, breaks them down and explains them in a way that makes me think I can take over the world."

Leah Chisholm (LP Giobbi, LJ Laboratory) - Los Angeles, CA

"I really enjoyed Joe's way of going through the basics of entering the mighty world of modulars. From building to patching, Joe was totally available to answer any questions. I walked in with zero experience whatsoever and now I can patch my own bleeps and bloops!"

Kemel Omais (Dead Tones, Guy Gerber) - Los Angeles, CA

"I just wanted to thank you for the awesome lessons! I learned a great deal again and I cant wait to put it all to use."

Mila van der Linden - London, UK


Former VCL student, Bon Harris of Nitzer Ebb, on Voltage Control Lab


"Joe was my instructor for a previous sound design course, and so I already knew what a competent, experienced, and approachable teacher he is. When I heard he was going to start hosting modular synth classes online, I didn’t hesitate to sign up."

Bradley Millington - Seattle, WA

"Joe's course on Maths really helped break down a bunch of the uses of this multi-functional module. He thoroughly explained the individual sections and how they can work together, went through patch examples and explained in detail what was going on."

Manny Mazeria - Los Angeles, CA

"Joe opened for me the door into the modular synth world and helped to navigate to the spot I wanted to go. This accelerated the learning process tremendously. Without his help I would still be intimidated by the complexity of the subject."

Marco Di Prima - Phoenix, AZ